Saturday, 16 October 2010


'Moongazer' was a requested work from a pagan friend. Hares allegedly gaze at a full moon and this image has been used in art for centuries. Incidently, I've been told that sheep also gaze at the sky but only when about to give birth. Maybe I'll do a stargazing sheep...

Friday, 15 October 2010


This print started life as a painting which grew from sketches made whilst walking on Dartmoor. I'd seen photos of Whistmans Wood and always wanted to visit it. It's part of the forest that once covered Dartmoor. Not accessible by car the wood is protected because of its lichen that grows on the multitude of smooth boulders from which twisted oaks and rowans reach side ways rather than up! A weird place and one of my favourites. Legends abound and the wood is supposed to be haunted.

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This little chap lives in our garden beneath a heap of stones we call Toad Mansion. He does sing, on summer evenings when the suns gone down.

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I saw my first hare just a few years ago on Lundy Island. I've been enthralled by them ever since. Ever prevalent in myth and mysticism the hare is becoming a frequent visitor in my more fairy tale type prints and there's more to come.

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A bright but chill winter afternoon at stonehenge inspired this piece. No picture in the world can do justice to the unique splendour and energy of the place but I've tried to capture the experience as it seemed to me.

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